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Why Plan a Super User Network?

Super User Networks are becoming more and more critical to businesses for operational efficiency but what are they and why do we need them?

In any organisation subject matter expects evolve from many years of knowledge and experience, pain and tears, blood and sweat.  They know exactly what to do in most situations and when they don’t they know where to go and who to go to.  They have a profound understanding of business applications and the associated business processes, the imperfections of systems, the workarounds, the things to avoid, how to fix errors and they support their peers throughout these challenges.   They contest work colleagues and management alike.  They are the trusted partner in projects, they are dependable and management look up to them, they work with team members, they train end users, they are committed to the organisation and organisations need them.  Yet they are often overlooked and taken for granted.

Super Users is a term often linked to SAP as the ERP system.  However, these can also be referred to as Key Users often associated with Oracle as the ERP System.  Whatever the term, it is the expert.

Super User Networks can be structured in such a way to formally recognise a team of subject matter experts each proficient in a business discipline.  Working in a formally structured Super User Network allows subject matter experts to be officially acknowledged, that they have an additional supporting role to play as well as their own role and that they have a commitment to this additional role for which they are rewarded.  But, how do you set one up?

Well, this is where we can help.  Our course ‘Planning a Super User Network’ takes you through a step by step guide to developing a Super User Network which is effective and sustainable.  We discuss the challenges that such a network creates with management and with employees.  We discuss the essential components to making a great team, to motivate each and every member, to build a community working together serving others effectively for better performance.  We discuss considerations that may hinder or promote better performance within the team and of those who the team serves.  We discuss the needs of a Super User and the requirements of a Super User leading the Team.  We help you build a learning programme to meet these needs and requirements for everyone involved to maximum effect.

I have been involved in a number of Super User Networks when being part of a new IT implementation – some good, some bad.  But in every one, there is a pride when they come together, support and share knowledge with each other, driven by the need to do better. The not so good ones just needed official leadership and structure and they would be well on their way.  The good ones spoke for themselves – the energy and support they provided oozed out of them. Super User Networks are mechanisms to drive best practice, improved knowledge and better performance and, because of this, critical to the business.

In one of our previous blogs we discussed effective communication.  When developing a Super User Network, communication skills are critical because each member has to be communicated with so that they can communicate to the end users that they serve.  Other blogs which refer to Super User Networks are as follows:

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If your organisation is considering a Super User Network, why not give us a call and see how we can help you. Contact us at or call us on +44 7958646241.


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