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The Road to Change Management Success

Alicja Kulp and Ruth Hatfield have worked in many IT projects across Europe and Australasia implementing learning solutions for customers who were embarking on a road of change in their IT offering.  Both Alicja and Ruth are passionate about the need to implement change to users efficiently and completely and at the same time ensuring that the experience is a good one for all those involved – the business, the project team and IT.

Based on this experience, they have outlined a step by step guide for companies to follow so that change agents can also adopt the same approach with the ability to adapt it to their ways of working, their company structures and their needs.

Change Management involves the management of change, training and related communications.  There are many different methodologies and theories that can be used in Change Management and Training but sometimes you just need to keep things simple.  So, we opted for ADKAR and ADDIE.

ADKAR for Change Management

  • Awareness of the Need for Change
  • Desire to Support the Change
  • Knowledge of How to Change
  • Ability to Demonstrate Skills and Behaviours
  • Reinforcement to Make Change Stick

ADDIE for Training

  • Analyse your training
  • Design your training
  • Develop your training
  • Implement and Deliver Training
  • Evaluate your Training

In using these two methodologies we created a step by step guide and in each step we cover the following

  • What to consider
  • Who to solicit help from
  • How to obtain feedback
  • Ways to engage your stakeholders
  • Why it works
  • How to resolve common issues
  • Free templates for you to use

We delve into more detail as we start to explore what each step means and the type of activities which will be required in every project and the type of activities which may be optional.  This detail will be covered in the each chapter of our new book which will be coming out soon.

In addition, we offer courses to teach users the skills and knowledge required to promote efficient best practices in Change Management and Training which is available at

So if you need to embark on a road to change, why not ensure it is a successful one and join one of our courses, or look out for our new book coming out soon.

We always welcome comments, a necessity and a part of evaluation, and if you have any we would be pleased to hear from you.  Our E-mail address is

Come and join us on the road to change management success.

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