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IT Training Course Checklist

For a professional training approach, careful and detailed planning prior, during and after the training events needs to take place, whether this is face to face or online.  We’ve compiled a list of items for you to consider for both type of deliveries.  We’ve compiled a list of items for you to consider.  If you think of any more, send us a comment, we’ll add it to the list.

Everyone deserves a professional course and when you consider everything you need to deliver one, everyone benefits – the participants, the trainer, management and the organisation.

  • Course Name and Date
  • Course Reference
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Duration
  • Identified Audience
  • Trainer(s) and Assistant if required

Pre Course Arrangements

  • Have you booked the training room?
  • Have invitations been sent out?  4-6 weeks prior to training is the recommendation.
  • Are there any prerequisites to attending this course?
  • Have aims and objectives been confirmed to participants?
  • Has the training room been set up?
  • Have you arranged for a flipchart and pens/whiteboard and paper/pens?
  • For online, do you have an assistant to make notes and assist with the online technology?
  • Do you need a projector?
  • Are computers in place and tested?
  • Has the network been tested from training room and from computers?
  • Do you know who is attending and who is not attending?
  • Have refreshments been arranged?
  • Which Training Environment will be used?
  • Have IDs and logins been set up?
  • What other setup is required?
  • Do you need any breakout rooms?
  • Have IT been informed and are they available if necessary?
  • Who else do I need to inform regarding the training schedule?
  • Do you need a representative from the business to attend?
  • Have exercises been prepared?
  • How will you assess competency?
  • Have you loaded any required data to the Training Environment?
  • Have you got a lesson plan?
  • Have you printed all required materials or readily available online?
    • Presentation
    • Exercises
    • Handouts
    • Other
  • Do you need any of the materials translated?  If so, which languages?
  • Have you run a pilot of your course?
  • Have you checked content and timing?

Post Course Arrangements

  • Who actually attended?
  • Have the evaluation forms been sent out and returned?
  • Do you need a follow up session to this training session?  If so, which topics?  If so, who needs to attend?
  • Do you need to follow up on questions asked during training?
  • Did you have any problems during training? IT, Participants, Other?
  • Have training certificates been sent out?
  • Have you sent your evaluation summary to trainers and senior management to provide evidence of learning?


We offer a comprehensive course on Train the Trainer – Training Skills for Better Performance.  It’s a complete course which helps you improve your training skills and indeed help you deliver that professional course everyone is looking for.  For more details on all of our courses, please go to  Alternatively, feel free to contact us.


14 December 2020


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