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Implementing Learning Programmes

Having been responsible for the implementation of learning programmes mainly through IT Projects for a variety of companies over the last 20 years, it has amazed me why companies do not undertake more learning programmes to improve the performance of their employees as a regular activity throughout the year.

Sadly, training departments rarely exist and HR departments have other priorities.  So, it comes down to management to promote learning and efficiency in their departments.  But, do they have the tools to do so; do they understand how to develop learning programmes, to assess training needs, where to even start and where they need to go to achieve success?

Investment in adult abilities commenced in school and in many cases it is where it ended.  Why do employers no longer consider learning a benefit to them, to their people, their customers and the organisation?  Why do they all too often worry about costs, shareholders, profits and little about the people who work day in day out to keep the engine running?

Learning is about the vision but not a vision of just keeping that engine running – it is about how it runs and where improvements can be made which employees enjoy and become proud of.  It is about the human aspect of success which we should be striving for.

At Evolution Culture we dedicate our time to investing in people – preparing employees for change, training them on new procedures and processes, guiding them though learning programmes together in partnership.  We build teams – training teams, super user networks, change networks to help promote learning, best practices, support mechanisms, up-to-date learning materials.  We promote effective knowledge management forums and communication channels.

If you’re an employer who needs help in knowing where to start, what steps to take to realise these benefits in learning management, come and speak to us.  We offer consultancy and advice using ADKAR and ADDIE to guide you through the required steps and provide a list of considerations you need to take into account.  Using our Change Management Guide, we help you on your way to success.  In addition, we offer a number of courses focusing on key areas of improvement.

If you want to know more, please contact us on or get in touch using the details contained on the Contact page of our website.

Let’s start to enjoy learning again!

2 September 2019

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