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Icebreakers and Games

Engaging the audience in a fun and challenging way appeals to both participants and trainers. Icebreakers and Games can be used to introduce or consolidate learning.


The aim of this training course is to provide an insight into how learning can be made fun, interactive and more effective.


By the end of this course, through successful completion of revision exercises and with reference to notes, you will be able to:

  • Find sources of inspiration using various methods
  • Adapt and run short exercises using games/icebreakers
  • Prepare and plan the purpose of the exercise and analyse outcomes

Who Should Attend

Those who develop training, webinars, seminars and interactive learning events. Suggested audiences are Trainers and Subject Matter Experts.


0.5 day

Price (excluding VAT)

£250 per participant, maximum 6 participants

Delivery Method


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