Effective Communication

The art of communication is to be heard and to be clearly understood. Discover the benefits of effective communication and be able to communicate with influence thereby improving your relationship with your colleagues and your customers.


The aim is to understand the principles of effective communication in order to communicate for maximum effect and clarity.


By the end of this course, through successful completion of revision exercises and with reference to notes, you will be able to:

  • Define communication
  • Describe your communication style and preferences
  • List and describe the 4 main steps in communication
  • List 3 methods to communicate, describing advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Describe main barriers to effective communication
  • Provide 2 examples of non-verbal communication
  • List recommendations for effective communication
  • Describe methods for active listening
  • Describe alternative ways to respond to messages
  • Demonstrate online interactivity techniques

Who Should Attend

Individuals who want to learn how to communicate professionally with influence and with assertiveness, to deal with conflict situations and to improve communication skills. This course is applicable for all employees.


1 day

Price (excluding VAT)

£450 per participant, maximum 6 participants

Delivery Method


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