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Change Management – Intro

IT Projects often fail because of poor or inadequate management of change. In this course we discuss how to manage change effectively, focusing on proven practical examples which will help drive and manage change successfully focusing on individuals, teams and organisations. You will be able to immediately apply these techniques in your next project.


To provide guidance on models, tools and techniques in managing change, communication and training, focusing on IT projects.


By the end of this course, through successful completion of exercises and with reference to notes, you will be able to:

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Demonstrate online interactivity techniques
  • List reasons why projects and change initiatives fail
  • Identify who plays a part in the process of change

Module 2 – Change

  • List contents of a change impact analysis
  • Describe the purpose of a stakeholder analysis and list details of content
  • Describe ways of engaging stakeholders affected by change
  • Identify groups impacted by change
  • List factors determining business readiness
  • Describe ADKAR

Module 3 – Communication

  • Explain why we need to communicate
  • List methods of communication with advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Describe structure of messages
  • Describe the purpose of a communication plan and list details of content

Module 4 – Training

  • Describe training and what this means as part of change
  • Describe how impacted users who require training are identified
  • Describe the purpose of a training needs analysis and list details of content

Module 5 – Planning for Change

  • List the key milestones to change management planning
  • List the dependencies on planning
  • List the pitfalls to implementing change in a timely manner

Who Should Attend

Those responsible for implementing change in organisations. Suggested audiences are Subject Matter Experts, Trainers, Training Managers, Change Managers and Project Managers.


1 Day

Price (excluding VAT)

£450 per participant, maximum 6 participants

Delivery Method


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