• 28Sep
    28 September 2021 £450.00

    Technical Writing

    This course covers the essential planning stages for technical and report writing through to completion of a coherent well-presented document with a consistent approach to language and format.

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  • 05Oct
    5 October 2021 £1,200.00

    Training Skills for Better Performance

    This course helps new and existing trainers to develop their training skills. It consists of practical online sessions and includes tests, videos, assignments and training delivery on a topic of your choice.

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  • 11Nov
    11 November 2021 £450.00

    Presentation Skills

    The art of presentation is to engage your audience. The aim is this course is to understand the principles of effective presentation in order to communicate actively and effectively and provide a professional approach to presenting information to groups.

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  • 16Nov
    16 November 2021 £250.00

    How to Deliver Training Online

    With improved technology alongside pressures of work, training users online is getting more and more popular with surprising results. Learn the techniques which help deliver training online to be more engaging and meet learning objectives.

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  • 17Nov
    17 November 2021 £450.00

    How to Design E-learning

    E-learning is often considered a replacement to face to face training methods.  E-learning planning, development and execution varies considerably from these methods.  This course covers how to develop E-learning for effective learning.

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  • 01Dec
    1 December 2021 £250.00

    Icebreakers and Games

    Engaging the audience in a fun and challenging way appeals to both participants and trainers. Icebreakers and Games can be used to introduce or consolidate learning.

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