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Why is Change Management so difficult to manage?  With today’s changing world especially in the use of technology, we need to get slicker at managing change often imposed on our work force with little preparation and little notice.  That’s why Evolution Culture has come up with an adoption plan for change which is easily implemented following a step by step plan – a simple guide to walk you through what needs to be done and by when.

With so many methodologies, theories and tools available on Change Management, no wonder people are confused on where to start.  So, we decided to keep it simple by using ADKAR for Change Management and ADDIE for Training.  We have turned the theory into a practical guide.

So what do ADKAR and ADDIE stand for?


Awareness of the Need for Change

Desire to Support the Change

Knowledge of How to Change

Ability to Demonstrate Skills and Behaviours

Reinforcement to Make Change Stick


Analyse training needs

Design your training

Develop your training

Implement and Deliver training

Evaluate the training

Adopting these two methodologies in our step by step guide, we have made sure every IT project fits. During our courses we show you what to do in each step; who to approach, which actions are required, who is involved and when, how to deal with resistance and how to succeed.  We have come up with a list of activities which you can consider.  Not every activity may be required for every project and we assess the need for each based on YOUR projects giving you options and choices relevant to your organisation.  In addition, we give you lots of tools, templates and hints and tips so that you can quickly turn theory into practice and then be able to apply the practice after the course to your own projects.

Effective Change Management is critical to project success; it directly affects employee morale and performance and helps realise project benefits in many different guises.  Change Management ensures your greatest assets – your employees – are looked after, considered and cared for whilst they travel along the path of change.  Change should bring with it confidence, skills and performance to your employees and benefits not only to the organisation but also to your employees.

We want Change to be a positive experience rather than a negative one. Change Management addresses organisational concerns from the outset, engaging employees on a path of change through thorough preparation and implementation and jointly working together to achieve that common aim to succeed. Poor Change Management leads to poor performance, confusion and a lack of engagement by your employees which all make success even more difficult in a world where technological changes will inevitably continue.

We provide consultancy and we offer courses on Change Management and Training.  Together we can make a difference. If you need to know more, please contact us.  Here are some of the courses we offer.

Change Management Intro

Change Management Advanced

Instructional Design – ADDIE

1st July 2019

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